Cockroach on Desktop

Cockroach on Desktop

This application displays cockroaches moving around your Desktop
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Recently, I've learned that you can find dozens of applications over the Internet which can help you make some good pranks to users who access your PC. One funny example comes from Cockroach on Desktop, a program that displays numerous cockroaches moving around your Desktop.

Cockroach on desktop's icon will appear on the system tray of your desktop from where you can adjust the number of bugs, add one or five more cockroaches or remove them all from the desktop. Another way to make the bugs disappear is by double-clicking over one of them.

What came to me as a surprise was that displaying more than 20 cockroaches on desktop won't affect the performance of the computer, as the program uses a small amount of system resources.

Still, I wish I had access to more program configurations, like an option to change the movement speed or to add a specific number of bugs to my desktop. Plus, when I entered 99 in the box for "Number of cockroaches at start", the program was unable to display the selected amount of bugs.

Concisely, I found this application very amusing and I definitely recommend it to you. It's great for scaring off your friends with desktop animations.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy to configure
  • Doesn't affect the performance of the computer
  • Displays realistic bugs


  • Unable to adjust movement speed
  • Unable to display large amounts of bugs
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